Executive Committee

In accordance with instructions given by the Board, the Executive Committee carries out the foundation’s activities in a proper manner and invests the organisation’s funds.

The Executive Committee directs the Technology Academy Finland’s operations in ways which ensure that the foundation’s objectives of promoting research and development and innovative technology in Finland are achieved. The Executive Committee is also responsible for ensuring that the award of the Millennium Technology Prize receives significant amounts of international attention and that the Prize is recognised as a significant global influence on the development and adoption of technology.

Excecutive Committee members:

Chair of the Committee
Professor Marja Makarow,
Finnish Academy of Technical Sciences

Doctor of Technology Leni von Bonsdorff,
The Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland

Member of the Board ivi Leiwo,
Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

Secretary: CEO Markku Ellilä, Technology Academy TAF


Vice-Rector Ossi Naukkarinen,
Aalto University