Technology Academy Finland (TAF) awards the biennial Millennium Technology Prize and runs associated events and initiatives.

TAF’s agenda:

    • Voicing public debate on the significance of technology and promoting innovations for a better life
    • Providing a neutral collaboration forum for business, academia and governmental organizations
    • Encouraging young people to study and choose a career in technology

TAF incorporates the Finnish Academy of Technology, the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland and the Industry Council, which represents leading Finnish companies.

One of TAF’s strengths is the tripartite cooperation between industry, governmental organizations and the scientific community and its extensive network in all these sectors. The three sectors are also represented in the TAF Board and the Executive Committee.

Technology Academy Finland (TAF) is a member of CAETS and Euro-CASE and a cooperation partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF).



The Board of the foundation determines the organisation’s general operating principles and makes decisions on both wide-ranging issues and matters of significance. The Board ensures that the foundation’s activities are executed in a proper manner and that the organisation’s funds are invested in safe and appropriate ways. The Board is also responsible for appointing the foundation’s President and CEO and members of the Executive Committee.

The Board makes the final decisions on the composition of the International Selection Committee, the Laureates and the ultimate Winner of the Millennium Technology Prize.


Board of Technology Academy Finland 2015–2017

Founder organisations

Marja Makarow, Jarl-Thure Eriksson, Marjo Matikainen-Kallström, Yrjö Neuvo ENG

Trade and industry