To facilitate the work of the International Selection Committee, the Pre-Selection Committee screens the Millennium Technology Prize nominations for non-eligible submissions. Furthermore, the Pre-Selection Committee invites external experts to pre-review the most promising nominations.


Chair of the Pre-selection Committee

Laura Raaska, Director of the Division of Biosciences, Health and Environment, Academy of Finland, Chair


Members of the Pre-selection Committee

Paula Eerola, Vice Rector for Research, University of Helsinki
Jyrki Heino, Professor, University of Turku
Samuel Kaski, Professor, Aalto University
Minna Kellomäki, Professor, Tampere University
Matti Latva-Aho, Academy Professor, University of Oulu
Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior Vice President in Technology, Neste Corporation
Annele Virtanen, Professor, University of Eastern Finland
Jyrki Vuorinen, Dean, Tampere University