Nomination period

The nomination period for the 2018 Millennium Technology Prize begins on April 3, 2017 and closes on July 31, 2017. Nominations should be submitted via the nomination portal that will be opened on this page on April 3.

Please note that you cannot edit the nomination afterwards. Supporting letters and other supporting material may be sent later, until the end of the nomination period.

The Millennium Technology Prize can be awarded to an individual or to a research and development team. Citizens of all nations are eligible.

Please note that the nominator must contact the nominee in advance, and ask for his/her acceptance for the nomination.



Science and engineering academies, universities, research institutes and companies may submit nominations for the Millennium Technology Prize. Self nominations are not accepted. All qualifying nominations are valid for a single selection round. We welcome both peer nominations and those submitted by an institute administration.


Nomination documents

All nomination material must be presented in English and include the following documents:

  • Nominee’s Curriculum Vitae

A concise separate CV must be supplied for each nominee. The CV may contain links to more detailed information on the nominee.

  • Nomination Letter

The Nomination Letter should include a concise description of the cited innovation and the underlying technology, an assessment of the present and future  impact of the innovation, as well as identification of the role of each nominee in the innovation process. The Nomination Letter may also include links to more detailed information on the innovation.

  • Supporting Letters (Optional)

Letters supporting the nomination may be provided but are not compulsory.



For specific guidelines and enquiries regarding the submission of nominations, please contact Ari Ahonen, CEO of Technology Academy Finland at ari.ahonen(at)


Technical note

Please try to keep your attached files smaller than 4 megabytes