Millennium Docs

The Millennium Docs is a new program run by Technology Academy Finland. Millennium Docs (MDocs) brings together highly qualified future employees and non-university organisations seeking to hire professionals.

MDocs offers doctoral candidates the opportunity to apply for salaried working periods in companies and organisations outside of academia.

The goals of the MDocs program are:

  • to enhance the use of knowledge in society
  • to provide employers access to the best know-how and future recruits
  • to facilitate mobility and increase collaboration between industry and academia
  • to showcase the various career opportunities for doctorate holders
  • to increase the employment of doctorate holders in non-university organisations

The MDocs program will be developed based on the feedback from the 2019 pilot. We will expand the pilot in 2020-21 and aim to launch a national MDocs program in 2022.

MDocs jobs and salary

The MDocs jobs are salaried working periods (1–3 months) in companies and organisations outside of academia.

The contents of the jobs are defined by the MDocs employers. The tasks can vary from research and development to reports or studies requiring analytical thinking and understanding of large entities, or to tasks related to eg. administration, sales and marketing. Doctoral research will not be carried out during the MDocs working period.

During the working period, each doctoral candidate has a personal mentor appointed by the MDocs employer. The salary of the MDocs jobs for all doctoral candidates is 2,800 euros/month.


The Millennium Docs 2019 pilot program

In 2019, TAF piloted the program in collaboration with Åbo Akademi, University of Turku, and the organisations offering MDocs jobs.

The applications were submitted electronically via the MDocs job application portal, launched on this website in February 2019. The applicants were required to attach a recommendation letter signed by the doctoral thesis supervisor to their application.

Doctoral candidates participating in the MDocs program will receive study credits (2 ECTS/month) for the doctoral degree from their hosting universities if:

  • the goals for the MDocs working period are defined jointly by the doctoral candidate and his/her doctoral thesis supervisor before applying for the MDocs jobs,
  • the doctoral candidate submits a summary report reflecting on the outcome of the MDocs working period, and
  • the doctoral candidate and his/her doctoral thesis supervisor conclude that the MDocs working period has met their goals.

Certificates for completing the MDocs program will be provided by Technology Academy Finland.

Based on feedback, the program will be further developed and extended to other universities and organisations.

NOW: Participants in the MDocs 2019 pilot program are working in the MDocs organisations – the employers welcome their new recruitments!

Preliminary schedule in 2019

  • 1/2019: MDocs job advertisements published on the TAF website & informational events for doctoral candidates and their supervisors
  • 2/2019: Doctoral candidates apply for MDocs jobs
  • 3/2019: MDocs employers interview the applicants and make recruitment decisions
  • 5-12/2019: Doctoral candidates work in the MDocs organisations for 1–3 months
  • 10-12/2019: Feedback from MDocs employers and doctoral candidates submitted to TAF
  • Further development of the MDocs program based on the feedback & planning and preparations for future MDocs programs


Further information:
Nina Blom, Project Manager, Technology Academy Finland