Innovation Award for Women

The Innovation Award for Women was awarded 2017-2019.


The award commemorates the anniversary of universal and equal suffrage in Finland on 1 June 1906.

The award was worth EUR 110,000 and it was granted in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The award was granted by the Finnish Parliament to a woman or a group of women for a scientifically significant innovation in the field of technology or economy. The winners were Finnish citizens.

The Innovation Award for Women highlights the notable achievements of women and promotes their visibility in the field of technology and economy while also promoting opportunities to demonstrate their expertise and present new ideas in socially important areas of technology and economy. The award also supports new innovations and new research that generate significant social capital and economic welfare for Finland.

Technology Academy Finland arranged the award process in practice. The Chancellery Commission of the Parliament selected the winner from the group of candidates.


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