Markku Ellilä Appointed New CEO for Technology Academy Finland

The strategic leadership and global business expert will take the helm of the foundation behind the international Millennium Technology Prize next autumn. Dr Markku Ellilä will assume the duties of CEO at Technology Academy Finland (TAF) on 1 September 2020. Dr Ellilä has long experience in strategic leadership, global technology business and research. His track…

TAF Chair in The Times: “Scientists have to seize their moment in the spotlight”

From President Trump’s suggestion that injecting disinfectant or exposure to UV light might treat Covid-19, to the ITV presenter Eamonn Holmes appearing to legitimise theories linking the virus to 5G, to claims that Bill Gates engineered the pandemic, we are living in a time where unfounded beliefs are getting much more traction than usual, writes…

Millennium Talks with innovation leaders: Vaisala

Real-time data in air quality monitoring is helping in weather observations and can provide well-being for everyone. Our host Henkka Hyppönen discusses the subject with John Liljelund, Director at Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental and industrial measurement products and services.

Millennium Talks with innovation leaders: FIM

FIM offers investment services for investors and individuals. Ethical and sustainable investing strategy can promote positive values that impact both people and society. Our host Henkka Hyppönen and Mika Leskinen, Investment Director at FIM discuss how investing in climate change prevention can be significant opportunity to companies and increase growth in economy and provide well-being for everyone.