Millennium Technology Prize

Engrossing articles by former MTP winners

The former winners of the Millennium Technology Prize Dr Frances Arnold (2016) and Dr Robert Langer (2008) reveal more about their work. They highlight the extensive impact of science and innovation on the well-being of society. Check out our latest articles published in international media!

Cecilia Tortajada in an interview

Meet our new member of the Millennium Technology Prize’s International Selection Committee, Dr. Cecilia Tortajada. She works on impacts of global changes, water resources, environment, food and energy at National University of Singapore. “I expect this prize to stress the social value of technological development even further and how it has been used to improve the quality of life of human kind”, she says.

Why do we need the Millennium Technology Prize?

Päivi Törmä, a professor at Aalto University and the Chair of the Millennium Technology Prize International Selection Committee, highlights the importance of the Prize. Törmä encourages all organizations around the world to nominate candidates for the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize. Watch the video!