The vision  for the European Innovation Council published

The Advisory Board of the European Innovation Council has come to a clear conclusion as to what the fully-fledged EIC should achieve when launched in 2021.

Marja Makarow, Chair of Technology Academy Finland TAF and member of the EIC Advisory Board highlights that the ambitions of the EIC and the Millennium Technology Prize governed by TAF are in-line.

“The EIC is established to identify and scale-up breakthrough innovations with a €10 billion budget from Horizon Europe and crowded-in with €30-50 billion impact investment, while the global Millennium Technology Prize celebrates radical innovations that support sustainable development”, she says.

The Advisory Board states that “for Europe to emerge stronger after the Coronavirus crisis, we need to direct our investments towards game-changing innovations that create a sustainable and human centric digital future. Consequently, now is the time to encourage visionary and game-changing innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors; to direct resources into high-impact ideas, ventures and investments; and for our industries and new businesses to lead on major innovation opportunities emanating from deep-tech in the coming years.”

Read the whole document “A vision for the European Innovation Council: from deep-tech research to visionary innovation and scale-ups”.

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