Monthly archives: April 2020

Millennium Talks with innovation leaders: FIM

FIM offers investment services for investors and individuals. Ethical and sustainable investing strategy can promote positive values that impact both people and society. Our host Henkka Hyppönen and Mika Leskinen, Investment Director at FIM discuss how investing in climate change prevention can be significant opportunity to companies and increase growth in economy and provide well-being for everyone.

TAF CEO in Euronews: “Rising populism stokes discontent but offers few solutions to global threats like COVID-19”

Over the last five years, in particular, populist forces have swept across the world. The reasons are multi-faceted. But one indisputable factor is the growing frustration and fear of globalisation – and, in turn, the intensifying pace of technological change and innovation, writes Ari Ahonen, CEO of Technology Academy Finland TAF in Euronews. These anxieties…