Yearly archives: 2020

Millennium Talks with innovation leaders: Aalto University

Aalto University is a multidisciplinary science and art community in the field of science, business, art and design. Our host Henkka Hyppönen and Assistant Professor Mari Lundström, Aalto University discuss possibilities and challenges in creating recyclable batteries.

Millennium Talks with innovation leaders: Nokia

Wireless infrastructure is everywhere. Nokia is creating 5G technology to connect the world wirelessly and enable new possibilities for IoT solutions. Our host Henkka Hyppönen and Marcus Weldon, Corporate Chief Technology Officer and President at Nokia Bell Labs discuss how wireless infrastructure can increase our well-being.

Information on Coronavirus

Information on Coronavirus Based on the Covid-19 pandemic and the instructions given by the authorities, the TAF Board has decided to postpone the announcement of the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize Winner, the Award Ceremony and the Gala Dinner, as well as the Millennium Innovation Forum with a year, from 26-27 May 2020 to 18-19 May…

Millennium Talks with innovation leaders: Neste

The modern society needs sustainable energy and producing renewable diesel is one of the key solutions for the growing need. Watch the Millennium Talks with innovation leaders video with Neste’s Senior Vice President, Innovation Lars Peter Lindfors to learn more about responding the pressure on reducing the effects of climate change!