Engrossing articles by former MTP winners

The former winners of the Millennium Technology Prize Dr Frances Arnold (2016) and Dr Robert Langer (2008) reveal more about their work. They highlight the extensive impact of science and innovation on the well-being of society. Check out our latest articles published in international media!

Dr Frances Arnold at Chemical Industry Journal:
“The most impressive achievement is our ability to manipulate DNA, the code of life. This ability has grown enormously. We now have the tools to read, write and edit DNA. What we don’t know how to do is compose it, and that’s where evolution comes in. We still have to learn how to compose useful new programs for biological systems, but evolution can do it for us.”

Biochemical engineer Dr Frances Arnold received the 2016 Millennium Technology Prize.

Dr Robert Langer at Biomedical Science:
“I think that some of the developments in cancer treatment are very exciting. I would say some of the things that we might see in the near future are more personalised cancer vaccines, more immunotherapy-based therapies and more cellular-based therapies, all of which are basically harnessing the immune system in different ways to more effectively treat the disease.”

Chemical engineer Dr Robert Langer received the  2008 Millennium Technology Prize.

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