75 innovations nominated for the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize

A total of 75 innovations (invented by altogether 257 innovators) were nominated for the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize. The number of nominations was similar as in the previous round. The majority of the nominations were in the fields of life sciences, including health and food, as well as in information and communications technology and smart systems.

The 2020 Millennium Technology Prize received nominations from each continent. European organizations followed by the Asia organizations were most active in nominating candidates. Also, a great number of nominations came from North America. Candidates for the Millennium Technology Prize were nominated most actively by universities and research institutions. Also nominations filed by industries were increased.

“We are very pleased to receive a good number of nominations. I’m also happy to see that industries have been active in the process. We need both industry and the scientific community to turn research results into innovations that benefit the whole world,” says Ari Ahonen, CEO of Technology Academy Finland (TAF).


See below the geography of submitted nominations and the type of nominating organization.












Lack of nominations including female innovators

The percentage of female nominees was still intensely low: only 13 percent of the nominees were women. Despite all the efforts, this result was a disappointment. The proportion of women nominated for the Millennium Technology Prize has remained at the same level as in the previous two nomination periods (2017, 2015).

“We don’t want to white wash this. We do not see many women innovators among those nominated, and it is a problem. We need to work harder to get more diversity into nominations,” Ahonen points out.




Evaluation of the innovations

The nomination period was open from 1 April to 31 July 2019, during which research institutions, universities and companies from around the world could suggest candidates for the Prize.

The nominees will be thoroughly evaluated during the autumn and winter. The evaluation will be carried out by the International Millennium Technology Prize Selection Committee, the members of which represent a comprehensive range of technological fields. Based on the evaluation, the International Selection Committee will make a consensus decision of whom to propose to the Board of Technology Academy Finland as the Millennium Technology Prize winner(s). Based on the proposal, the Board of Technology Academy Finland decides on the Prize Winner(s).

The Winner will be announced on 26 May 2020 at the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize Award Ceremony.

Additional information:

Ari Ahonen, CEO, Technology Academy Finland (TAF), +358 400 618 300
Eeva Sievi, COO, Technology Academy Finland (TAF), +358 50 5496 962

Millennium Technology Prize

The Millennium Technology Prize is Finland’s tribute to innovations for a better life. The Prize is one million euros and it is awarded every second year. The purpose of the Prize is to further encourage high-quality research and development of the winning innovation. The Millennium Technology Prize is awarded by Technology Academy Finland TAF.

Partners of the Millennium Technology Prize: Aalto University, FIM, Neste, Nokia, Outotec

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