Medical breakthroughs, Directed evolution and Brexit – Articles you don’t want to miss

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  • Brexit is a direct threat to the glorious scientific collaboration that sustains our modern world by our Chair of the Board, Prof Marja Makarow at Independent. 
  • “The simple concept is that if we can write the code of life we can do all the chemistry and make all the products that living systems do in a clean, sustainable, green way. In other words, nature is the best chemist on the planet, so why not use nature to do our chemistry for us?”, says Millennium Technology Prize Winner, Prof Frances Arnold at Biosciencetoday.
  • “When we think of medical breakthroughs, our minds often turn to new drugs and treatments. However, innovations in biomaterials and medicine delivery processes are just as revolutionary and important as they pave the way for such advances.” Read an article by Millennium Technology Prize Winner, Prof Robert Langer at Scientific American.

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