Tips for the Nomination Portal

Nomination period for one of the world’s most important awards for a ground-breaking innovation will run until 31 July 2019. Here are some tips how to nominate your candidate for the Prize. Watch a video!

You’ll find instructions for the nomination on the Call for Nomination page (for example who can nominate candidates for the Prize and who is eligible for the Prize). The actual nomination has to be submitted at the Nomination Portal.

You’ll find the Portal on the Call for Nomination page or you can use the direct link:
Technical instructions are available on the first page of the Nomination Portal.


Finland’s tribute to innovations for a better life

The Millennium Technology Prize is awarded for groundbreaking technological innovations that benefit millions of people around the world by:

  • enhancing quality of life
  • promoting sustainable development and mitigation of climate change
  • generating applications with global commercial viability
  • creating new socioeconomic value
  • stimulating further cutting-edge research and development in science and technology

Read more about the Millennium Technology Prize.


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