Marja Makarow awarded an honorary doctorate at Aalto University

The Chair of Technology Academy Finland (TAF) Marja Makarow is awarded an honorary doctorate of technology at Aalto University.

“I am extremely proud of the position of Aalto as an impact-delivering flagship university after less than ten years of existence. After having served in its founding board, our collaboration continues in the context of Technology Academy Finland, the strategic partner of which Aalto is,” Makarow says.

An honorary doctorate is the highest honour a university can award. A ceremonial conferment is the most distinguished celebration of a university. In the conferment ceremony, doctors and honorary doctors from different fields of science are conferred their doctorates.

Aalto University’s doctoral conferment ceremonies for the fields of art and technology will take place 13 and 14 June 2019 in Dipoli in Otaniemi (Espoo, Finland). Honorary doctors’ panel discussion will be held 11 June. Marja Makarow takes part to the panel discussion ‘Future of university as a hub of creativity, heritage, and innovation’. The discussion will focus on the role, significance and the potential of the university campus in the future.

The event venue is Dipoli, auditorium Lumituuli at 1–3 pm. and it will be in English. Free admission.

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