The application period for the Millennium Docs programme has begun!

Job applications from doctoral candidates in Turku are welcomed from 12.2.–28.2.2019.

Millennium Docs is a new programme, run by Technology Academy Finland, that offers doctoral candidates the opportunity to apply for salaried working periods in companies and organisations outside of academia, thus bringing together highly qualified future employees and non-university organisations seeking to hire professionals.

“We hope that MDocs will become a means for increasing the number of doctorate holders in non-academic organizations and for enhancing the use of knowledge for the betterment of society”, says Eeva Sievi from Technology Academy Finland.

Millennium Docs is being piloted this year in Turku, Finland, in collaboration with Åbo Akademi University, the University of Turku and mostly Turku-based organisations offering MDocs jobs. After the pilot, the aim is to further develop the programme based on feedback and later open it to all interested universities, businesses and organizations.

“The MDocs programme offers doctoral candidates an excellent opportunity for exploring career paths outside of academia and provides employers easy access to the best future recruits and know-how. As well, the networks and contacts that result from the programme are highly valuable and useful for both. The programme should result in a win-win outcome“, says Eeva Sievi.

The application period for MDocs jobs runs 12.2.–28.2.2019.


Read more on the Millennium Docs web page.

Read more in Finnish in an article by the University of Turku.


Photo: The Millennium Docs programme was presented for students in Turku by Professor Yrjö Neuvo from Aalto University, COO Eeva Sievi from Technology Academy Finland, Chief Academic Officer Sanna Ranto from University of Turku, Dean Tapio Salakoski from University of Turku and Associate professor Filip Ginter from and University of Turku. (Photo: Pirjo Nuutila / University of Turku)

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