TAF Chair Marja Makarow honored by French President

Professor Makarow was made Knight of the Legion of Honor that is the highest French honorary distinction.

Chair of Technology Academy Finland, professor Marja Makarow received the distinction of Knight of the Legion of Honor on 16 October at the French Embassy in Helsinki. The highest honorary distinction was appointed by the President of the French Republic and presented by the French Ambassador in Helsinki.

Marja Makarow was awarded for her merits in science and technology. She is a professor of Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and currently Director of the Biocenter of Finland.

“You have become a key figure in Finnish science and research policy. You have always been committed to both basic research and technology transfer and to the public-private link”, the French Ambassador Serge Tomasi said in his speech.

“As president of the Technological Academy of Finland, you were also on the jury of the Millennium Technology Prize, the most important in the world of technology, awarded every two years and endowed with a million euros”, Mr. Tomasi continued.


Famous Finns have received the distinction 

The Legion of Honor was created in 1802 by Napoleon and as the highest French distinction it is part of the French heritage.

“This decoration intends to mark the recognition of France for the commitment of foreign personalities in the development of bilateral relations with France, and the promotion of our shared values”, Ambassador Tomasi said.

The distinction has been appointed to several Finnish personalities like the Finnish President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Martti Ahtisaari, the Finnish President Tarja Halonen and journalist Helena Petäistö. The extensive list can be found in Finnish.


PHOTO: French Ambassador Serge Tomasi with professor Marja Makarow. Photo by French Embassy in Helsinki.

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