President Tarja Halonen: Youth should be encouraged to tackle the challenges of the world

Halonen3Each period in history has its own challenges and opportunities. The only difference is that today our challenges are more global.  From financial crises to climate change, we face the fact that local and global issues are closely connected. The future is also more unpredictable than before.

Therefore, it is important that the young students of today are given the tools they will need to live in the world of tomorrow. They are the ones who will be the future scientists and decision makers, and so, they should be given all the support they need to deal with future global issues. They need to learn to collaborate on an international scale and to deal with population growth and the depletion of resources. They need to find and learn to use new sources of energy and make sure there is clean water and food for all.

In order to support the makers of the future, the Millennium Youth Camp was launched five years ago by the LUMA center and Technology Academy Finland. The camp provides the opportunity to meet with renowned scientists from Finland and abroad, as well as to get familiarized with the cutting edge research done in the Finnish Universities. Most importantly, the students will be given the opportunity to think outside the box as they work on their projects related to sustainable development. So as the slogan of the camp goes, let’s make the international Millennium Youth Camp the home of the future Millennium Technology Prize winners.

President Tarja Halonen,
Patron of the 2014 Millennium Youth Camp

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