Closer cooperation between Technology Academy Finland and Aalto University: Extensive societal programme to inspire young people to take interest in technology

Technology Academy Finland (TAF) and Aalto University have signed an agreement on wide-ranging cooperation with the goals of boosting interest in natural sciences, mathematics and technology especially among children and teenagers, and of increasing awareness of technology right from the early learning stage. At the moment Finland is still getting plenty of students for technical subjects, but that is not the case in many Western European countries. This partnership aims to help young people not to reject any career options at too early a stage in their lives.

In practical terms, the cooperation is taking place through a societal programme that has been drawn up together by the two organizations and is being implemented over a period of 10 years (2012 – 2022). The programme consists of existing projects currently being run separately by the two parties and of new joint projects. The objective is to make the most effective use of the resources of both organizations and the networks to which they belong and eliminate any double work. This is a national programme.

Suitable elements for inclusion in the joint programme currently in the activities of Technology Academy Finland include the Millennium Technology Prize, the international science event Millennium Youth Camp, the Millennium Youth Forum for Finnish teenagers, and the Technology Days for the general public. Suitable projects at Aalto University include the activities of the LUMA Resource Centre supporting and advancing studies of natural sciences, mathematics and technology, and various courses and clubs for school children.

TAF President and CEO Ainomaija Haarla:

“This agreement is an outstanding practical example of how different organizations can effectively work together if they share common goals. Some of the most important tasks for Technology Academy Finland are increasing awareness of technology that improves quality of life, and inspiring young people to take interest in technology and the natural sciences. Through this societal programme I consider that we are making a contribution to Finnish society by raising the profile of useful technology and encouraging young people in particular to solve the great challenges facing the world through technology, on a sustainable, responsible basis.”

TAF continues its close cooperation with all the other universities of technology and its other partners as before.

Professor Tuula Teeri, President of Aalto University:

“Aalto University is advancing Finland’s competitive edge and at the same time building a better world. Technology plays a key role in this. It is important for secondary and high school students, who will begin their university studies in a few years, to be aware of all the opportunities for study and employment offered by technology and the natural sciences. This partnership with Technology Academy Finland is doing extremely valuable ground work for building wellbeing that is based on a high standard of education.”

For further information please contact:

Technology Academy Finland, President and CEO Ainomaija Haarla, tel. +358 40 716 0703

Aalto University, Vice President Hannu Seristö, tel. +358 50 3832478


Technology Academy Finland in brief

Technology Academy Finland (TAF) is an independent foundation that aims to promote scientific research and the spread of new technologies that improve quality of life. TAF awards the Millennium Technology Prize every other year and organizes other events such as the annual science Millennium Youth Camp. TAF also boosts awareness of Finland as a figurehead for advanced technology through active participation in networks for scientific communities, business and government.    

Aalto University in brief

Aalto University is a multidisciplinary community where science and art meet technology and business. This new university is based on areas in which Finland is strong and aims to become one of the leading universities in the world with its own distinctive areas of specialization. This new university has altogether 20,000 students studying for first and higher degrees, and 5,000 personnel, including 350 professors.