General principles of the Millennium Technology Prize:

  • Awarded to groundbreaking technological innovations that enhance the quality of people’s lives in a sustainable manner.
  • The innovations have been applied in practice and are delivering extensive change now and in the future.
  • The innovations stimulate further cutting edge research and development in science and technology.


“Since it was established in 2004, the Millennium Technology Prize has been awarded to great innovators, who are now recognized internationally for their disruptive innovations changing our lives for the better. In delivering the Prize, Technology Academy Finland is dedicated to a rigorous and unbiased judging process by a distinguished International Selection Committee.

As long as science prizes are judged by scientific experts — and as long as they earn the respect of the scientific community — they can indeed stimulate innovation by attracting public interest.

Looking back at the track record, Technology Academy Finland can be proud of the fact that the Millennium Technology Prize has established itself as a trailblazer for other eminent science prizes. In doing so, we pride ourselves in a great jury being able to identify exceptional scientists at the peak of their career, delivering breakthrough innovations and accelerating further research and application development for the benefit of mankind.

Top quality nominations are the basis for all that the Millennium Technology Prize achieves. During the nomination period we rely greatly on the international scienence and innovation community: people who are part of the community will recognize the future stars of the scientific world. We have received great nominations throughout the history of the Millennium Technology Prize, and we look forward to receiving them once again.”


Juha Ylä-Jääski
President & CEO
Technology Academy Finland